360Feedback Personal development

People who run a PR business have to present a confident face pretty much all of the time. Most have the same insecurities as the rest of us. The difference is they’re perhaps a bit better than most at putting on a front.
Most of us appreciate some feedback on how we’re performing from time to time. Trouble is we don’t know who to ask.
That’s the thinking behind 360Feedback, a tool designed to provide you with insight into how you’re performing from a variety of stakeholders involved with your business. 360Feedback provides quantitative and qualitative data, identifying areas of strength, along with areas in which you might want to consider making changes. 360Feedback involves interviews with, typically, three to six stakeholders. Feedback is then delivered to you in the form of a report and a face to face meeting. The quantitative element of 360Feedback allows comparison with industry peers. Price from £550.