Is your PR company in good health?

London, 6th March 2013 -  The challenge of helping small to medium sized PR companies to grow effectively is one of the most interesting things I do these days. I spent over 10 years doing just that with Citigate and learnt many lessons during that period, and lots more from many other highly successful PR operators.
One of the first things I do when I’m engaged by a firm is undertake an analysis of all parts of the business. There are a number of questions I’m seeking to answer. Here are a few of them:
·         Does the agency ever think, or is it simply doing?
·         Which accounts are being over serviced, and why?
·         Who is responsible for the majority of influencer relations?
·         Is staff turnover measured?
·         What does the Agency stand for?
·         Is training part of the culture?
·         Is the leadership team available and engaged?
·         How do the fees, and costs, compare with the competition?
·         Is the office a happy and dynamic place to work?
·         Do too many members of the team feel undervalued?
·         Can everyone in the company articulate its three year vision?
·         How many clients would take the call if one of your competitors rang them today?