How effective are your powers of persuasion?

I'm the best guy for the job, if only they could see it.


In most jobs there are times we need to persuade others to accept our point of view. Strange then that we spend so little time developing our persuasion skills.


Presenting fills many people with horror. It's the fear of drying up. It's the fear you'll see someone yawning soon after you started speaking. It's the fear of being caught out by some smart question. It's the frustration that whilst you might have the best set of ideas, you're unable to convince your audience.


My five hour presentation skills training course will help you design and deliver more effective presentations. It will help you win more often.


I'm running them in London on June 10th and again on July 14th. The cost is £250, with discounts available.


Join me. You will enjoy it. One delegate described my last presentation skills course as being a wonderful experience. Give me a call on 07890 555391 or drop me an email on