Are you a fab manager?

London, 17th January 2012 - This year I'm developing a new training course which aims to help people become better managers. It'll be held in London in the spring-time. Details to follow. 


Thus I've had the luxury of considering the characteristics of great managers I've worked with in the past. I'd love to hear any other suggestions you might have. Please send me an email ( with your thoughts. Here are a few of mine:


  • If you're calm, others will be too.
  • Be specific. Set clear deadlines.
  • Be realistic, but challenging too. 
  • Be a little paranoid. Search for problems.
  • Give people the space to succeed.
  • Invest time, preferably face to face time, getting to know your clients better.
  • You can be close to your team. You can have fun with them too, just as long as everyone knows when you mean business.
  • Strong leaders are able to admit when they're wrong.
  • Being a manager doesn't mean doing everything.
  • You do not necessarily need to be liked. You definitely need to be respected.
  • Learn how to understand the finances of each client relationship.
  • Try not to prevaricate when it comes to having that difficult conversation.
  • If you want someone to be honest with you, they need to trust you. Ask yourself, do you want honesty, or are you seeking validation and endorsement?
  • Make each meeting you chair effective. Ensure it has a clear purpose. Encourage people to come prepared. Start and finish on time.

Management is often tricky. We all make mistakes. The key is to learn from them. Good luck.